Curriculum Vitae

Last updated: April 2023

A concise version of my CV is provided below. However, here is a link to a more complete version including publication list (last updated 04/2023):

Employment History


Honours and Awards

International Research Collaborations

Primary affiliation: LJMU, Star Formation Group; MPIA, Planet & Star Formation department

Group collaborations: PSF department, MPIA (Beuther, Henning); Center for Astrochemical Studies, MPE (Caselli), Star formation & Stellar Populations Group, LJMU (Longmore), Galaxies & Cosmology Department, MPIA (Schinnerer)

Consortia & Working Groups:

2021 Co-PI ACES - The ALMA CMZ Exploration Survey 

2020 Member THOR-GC - The HI/OH/Recombination line survey (PIs: M. Rugel, H. Beuther)

2018 Member PHANGS - Dynamics and ColdISM & Star Formation working groups

2018 Member PHANGS - Physics at High Angular resolution in Nearby GalaxieS (PI: E. Schinnerer)

2015 Member CMZoom - SMA legacy survey of the Central Molecular Zone (PI: C. Battersby)

Professional Activities

Committees: MPIA Summer Internship search committee (2021, 2022)

Referee: Astronomy & Astrophysics, The Astrophysical Journal, Journal of the Korean Astronomical Society, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Nature Astronomy

Reviewer: Funding bodies: French National Research Agency (ANR; invited 2019)

Organisation of conferences, workshops, & seminar series:

2023 SOC Galactic Centre workshop, IAA-CSIC, Granada, ESP

2022 Organiser The Puzzles of the Galactic Centre, IWH, Heidelberg, DE

2021 SOC Advanced School on Star Formation, IAA-CSIC, Granada, ESP

2021 Organiser CMZOOM: online talk series on the Galactic centre (~50-80 participants/session)

2020 SOC & LOC Heidelberg-Harvard Star Formation meeting, MPIA, DE

2018 Session Chair Hengstberger Symposium, Heidelberg, DE

2018 SOC & LOC Heidelberg-Harvard Star Formation meeting, MPIA, DE

2017-2018 Organiser Star formation lunch, MPIA, DE

2017 Organiser Northern Star Formation Meeting, LJMU, UK

2014-2017 Organiser Journal club, LJMU, UK

2012-2014 Organiser Journal club, University of Leeds, UK